How set yourself free

I was around 10 years old, and I was walking with my mom down a street towards our house after doing some shopping. While walking back to our house, I asked my mom if she understood that I would not live in this country when I grow older. My mom, being painfully aware of my passion for living as a world citizen, answered that I should not be saying those things, because “I know too well that it will happen, but right now you are still my little boy, and I do not wish to imagine you not being here”.

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As you probably have noticed twitter (or twttr) has turned 7, and boy a lot have happened since 2006.

Seven years ago I had just turned 20. Back then I came from a failed online store for Mac games, going through military service, and I was going to start working as a humble mail carrier! I was saving up money to turn my old childhood dream into reality; my dream of living abroad.

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Why programming is essential learning

Programming is an artform. To know how to code is to be able to speak a language, in which you transform your ideas into reality. The joy when building your first application, and see it work, as you specifically told the machine it should, is simply amazing. Just as a kid learning to read stories for the first time.

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