• Best refund policy for a SaaS company?

Prompted by a Quora post, let me describe what our experiences is at Dream Conception.

Publicly we tell our customers that we will refund the last 30 days as well. However, with seriously disgruntled customers we just refund the amount they feel they have paid unfairly for. That reputation of fairness and openness is worth much more, than the little money we gain by withholding the money. In our experience, customers rarely ask for more than they feel is fair, and we wish to take the side of the customer.

I don’t believe that a hardline approach such as “never more than 30 days refund” is right for customer support. It needs to be based on each individual case, and the 30 days should only be used as a guideline. Not as a rule.

In a SaaS company, a refund shouldn’t matter to the company. If it does, most likely there is more serious underlying problems.

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