• April fools: Dream Conception becomes interplanetary

In 2010 Dream Conception were in negotiations with a group of entrepreneurs who wants to do a reality show of the first colony on Mars. Dan Schultzer from Dream Conception actually got the offer to go as one of the “pilgrims”. This decision would disrupt the team of Dream Conception so they found a synergy with their current goals.

To improve the hospitality on Mars the team are going to support online payments with Peakium. “Dream Conception will finally become interplanetary”, exclaims Dan proudly.

They are expecting that before 2025, Peakium will have become a vital part of the online communication tools at Mars.

Mars is at minimum 54.6 million kilometers away, and the one-way communication delay can go between 3 to 22 minutes. Furthermore, there can be blackouts for a month, due to the sun blocking the communication path. “This”, Kasper Christensen states, “of course makes any normal internet communication impossible”.

Kasper Christensen is the organiser for the Peakium Mars expansion.

Kasper continues: “Due to the unlikelihood of any bank branch opening up on Mars in the near future, the monetary solution is to use Bitcoin which Peakium is built to easily support. Peakium will relay any Bitcoin transactions from the Peakium servers on Mars, to the servers back on Earth. We will make interplanetary payments easier than ever.”

Bitcoin is a digital peer-to-peer currency that has become increasingly popular the latest years.

“Bitcoin, Mars, and a whole new way of doing interplanetary payments. Dream Conception as many exciting plans for the future”, concludes Kasper.

Kasper refused to go into further details, so only time will tell what they have in mind. The travel time to Mars is estimated to be around 9 months.

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