• Peakium is opening up

I’m pleased to announce that we have completed second stage of Peakium, the global flexible recurring payment system.

The second stage means that Peakium is fully ready for heavy duty usage. We are still iterating, and making everything run as smooth as possible with most possible transparency.

We have had three goals in mind with Peakium:

  • No lock-in. It has to be easy switch between payment processors, and if one day your business is specialised enough, it has to be easy to switch from Peakium to your own system as well. Personally I would also like to see that we encourage more flexible payment options, and increase competitions for the best payment gateway rates.
  • Extreme flexible subscription terms. Your app/data setup will decide what setup the subscriptions should be, while Peakium will make all the “behind-the-scenes” works. No limitations at all, and you will keep the setup in just one place, your end.
  • Easy to work with. Have to give up on adding some payment features because it simply takes too much time, or are too complicated? We know the hardships of archaic gateways and building specialised payment subscriptions all too well, and that is one of the reasons Peakium exists today!

Peakium is ready to slay the subscription payment monster! We are supporting gateways that together covers almost all countries in the world!

If Peakium sounds like the answer to your prayers, I would be more than happy to include you in the private beta!

Just hit me with an email or tweet!

Dream big,
Dan Schultzer

The Author

Dan Schultzer is an active experienced entrepreneur, starting the Being Proactive groups, Dream Conception organization, among other things. You can find him at twitter

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