• Elixir: Super easy way to create random alphanumeric ids

With Nomad Rental we had a simple task; we want to create a random alphanumeric ID of six characters (e.g. QJ21KK). Elixir is a wonderful language that makes this incredibly easy to understand in code form:

def gen_reference() do
  min = String.to_integer("100000", 36)
  max = String.to_integer("ZZZZZZ", 36)

  |> Kernel.-(min)
  |> :rand.uniform()
  |> Kernel.+(min)
  |> Integer.to_string(36)

We define the lower and upper bounds in alphanumeric, convert them to integers and find a random number in between them. We then turn the random integer back to alphanumeric and voila!

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