• Phoenix: How to easily preview e-mails in a Bamboo setup

I’ll show how you can easily add a simple controller to preview your e-mails. Bamboo has a sent_email plug to view all emails as they are sent, but if you use HTML layout, or if you’ve an intricate e-mail process it would be much easier to just preview them instead. Fortunately it’s super easy to build a controller to preview your HTML (or plain text) e-mails.


I work with the following setup:

Premailex adds inline style to all elements from the style tags. My mailer looks somewhat like this:

defmodule MyApp.SampleMailer do
  use Bamboo.Phoenix, view: MyApp.MailerView
  import MyApp.Gettext
  alias MyApp.User

  @spec sample_email(Conn.t, %User{}) :: Bamboo.Email.t
  def sample_email(conn, user) do
    |> to({user.name, user.email})
    |> from({"My App", "myapp@example.com"})
    |> subject(gettext("Sample E-mail"))
    |> assign(:conn, conn)
    |> render_email_layout(:sample_email)
    |> premail()

  defp premail(%Bamboo.Email{} = email) do
    |> html_body(Premailex.to_inline_css(email.html_body))
    |> text_body(Premailex.to_text(email.html_body))


We’ll set up development only routes for our preview controller.

defmodule MyApp.Router do
  use MyAppWeb, :router

  # All the other pipelines and routes

  if Mix.env == :dev do
    get "/preview_emails/:type", MyApp.PreviewEmailController, :show


Create a new controller with the filename email_preview_controller.ex, and use the following setup:

defmodule MyApp.PreviewEmailController do
  use MyAppWeb, :controller
  alias MyApp.{User, SampleMailer}

  @spec show(Conn.t, map) :: Conn.t | no_return
  def show(conn, %{"type" => "sample_email"}) do
    user = %User{name: "John Doe",
                 email: "john.doe@example.com"}
    email = BookingMailer.sample_email(conn, user)
    render_email(conn, email)

  defp render_email(conn, email) do
    |> Plug.Conn.put_resp_content_type("text/html")
    |> send_resp(:ok, email.html_body)

Now visit http://localhost:4000/preview_emails/sample_email, and you’ll see the rendered e-mail. If you wish to view the plain text version, you can use email.text_body. Happy coding!

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