• Display your technical documentation easy and beautifully

A few days ago we open sourced our documentation presenter to allow anybody to easily display their technical documentation online.

The presenter accepts markdown (to some degree github flavored) and HTML, and can be easily extended to other formats. This tool saves you time by allowing you to keep all your documentation in git repositories. It can download both archives and directly from git repository, with automatic version tracking.

The future of documentation is to allow for flexibility in your team, while keeping presentation easy. Everybody in your team, no matter technical experience should be able to edit your documentation. The documentation should be resistant to any changes in presentation (design of website, printed markup, and the list goes on) in the future. By using markdown (or other light-weight markup format), you will achieve this and keep life easy for your team. A step further is to add your documentation online at github. You will allow for your users to help perfecting the information, and keep an open community around you.

Set up your technical documentation in a minute right now. You are more than welcome to fork and improve it.

Git: https://github.com/danschultzer/peakium-documentation-viewer
Demo: http://docs.peakium.com/

Perfect for API and technical documentation, but there is no limits.

The Author

Dan Schultzer is an active experienced entrepreneur, starting the Being Proactive groups, Dream Conception organization, among other things. You can find him at twitter

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